Laser Tattoo Removal

Unwanted tattoos and Permanent makeup can be easily and safely removed through a gradual course of laser treatments. Using the latest, and most advanced, laser technology we are able to remove unwanted tattoo ink and pigment. Concentrated light beams pass through the skin and break up the tattoo ink into tiny particles, which the body can then dispel via the immune and lymphatic system.

Consultation for laser tattoo removal is free, with no obligation to receive treatment. The process usually takes several sessions to see results, with a minimum of 6 weeks between sessions. Session length is dependent on the size, area and colour of your tattoo. Our treatments are completely safe for use on the face too, so unwanted or oversaturated brows can easily be lightened or completely removed, ready for new micropigmentation. At your consultation we will be able to recommend the best plan for your tattoo removal with as little discomfort and downtime as possible.

Laser Hair Removal

Revolutionize your grooming routine with laser hair removal, the pinnacle of permanent hair reduction methods, tailored for both men and women. Unlike traditional approaches like waxing, depilatory creams, and shaving, laser hair removal guarantees enduring results, free from the nuisance of ingrown hairs and discomfort. Experience the transformation as hairs become finer and softer, gradually diminishing in visibility. With each session, witness a remarkable 90-100% reduction in hair regrowth, thanks to the precision of light and heat energy targeting follicles to inhibit their growth.

Our recommendation of 8-10 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, ensures comprehensive follicle elimination and optimal outcomes. While occasional hairs may reappear over time, our annual maintenance booster treatments promise continued refinement, with finer and less frequent regrowth. Explore the possibilities with a complimentary consultation, devoid of any obligation to proceed with treatment.

Jojo is so professional and make you feel at ease. The Thornbridge Clinic is lovely. The whole experience was great. I had my brow top up and so pleased. I have been going to Jo for a few years and highly recommend. I get so many compliments on my brows. They are so natural and enhance my face.


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Nick Morgan has almost 30 years of experience in the skin and aesthetics industry. He trained in anaesthetic medicine with a leading training academy over a five-year period where he qualified in more than 40 treatments.

He believes you can never stop advancing your knowledge and skills in this ever changing, growing industry. This helps him stay a step ahead when it comes to offering the safest, best and most up to date treatments for his clients.

Thornbridge Clinic is honoured to have Nick in our team of practitioners. Free consultation is available on request. Please contact the clinic to enquire or arrange an appointment.

Treatments & Prices

Neofound (hyaluronic acid skin boosters) £500 – 3 sessions (3ml/session)

Prophilo (gel hyaluronic hydration injections for skin)
£500 – 2 sessions (28 days apart recommended 2 sessions for best results)

Collagen Injections
£300 – 1 session
£550 – 2 sessions (recommended 2 sessions for best results)

DESO/TWINE (face & body fat loss injections from £200

PDO Threads & COGS Facelift

Vitamin C injection
£30 / treatment

Vitamin B12 (course of 4 treatments)
VItamin B12 Booster (4 weeks after)

Anti-Wrinkle Injections (3 areas + free 2 week review)
Nefertiti (neck)
Hyper Hydrosis (underarm)

Dermal Fillers
from £220-£295 / 1ml (one area)
Nasoblial folds
Marionette lines
Tear troughs

Filler Packages (more than one area)
3ml £570
4ml £660
5ml £760
6ml £850
7ml £970
8ml £1080
9ml £1200
10ml £1300

Terms and Conditions

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